Bumblebee Jigsaw

This is one great Transformers fan game. But it is even more great for those who like Bumblebee best. Not only that he is the funniest of all Transformers but is the right hand of Optimus Prime. Bumblebee is the most trusted Transformer when it comes to human friends. He will never let anything happen to his best friend Sam. Now, we have one very flattering picture of Bumblebee with his big guns. The blaster is all set and ready to give his best to defend his friends, weather they are robot or human, and also the planet Earth which has become his new home. This is a puzzle game and you have to assemble the picture to be whole again. If you think you are real Transformers fan than this wouldn't be a problem for you. You will know which piece goes where the moment you see it. Test yourself and prove that you are among the greatest fans of these remarkable robots.

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