Transformers Roll Out

There is story of four Cyber Planet Keys. It is said that they were created in the period after the first victory over the Unicron. The story says that Primus created these keys and inserted some of his own essence in them. The goal of such action was to scatter the essence throughout the Universe and create new worlds and new life. The four keys were sent to four corners of the universe on four starships to bring the keys to the preselected worlds. The project was to connect the four created worlds via space bridge, but something went wrong and the bridge failed. The newly created colonies continued to develop and the stories of Primus and their creation slowly but surely passed over into old tails and legends.
But the need for the keys to be reunited came with the unsuccessful attempt to destroy the Unicron for the second time. Once he had risen for the second time, Primus tried to stop him and used more power than he could. That rendered him dormant and only the keys, the all four keys together could bring him back from him slumber. that is when the ancient transformer Vector Prime found the Optimus Prime and the Autobots and gave them not an easy task. To find and retrieve all four keys in order to restore Primus once again. Of course there was a setback, Megatron himself stole the map showing the whereabouts of the keys. Now the race is on! The Decepticons ...
...have the upper hand and the Autobots must work fast to find them so that they could find the keys.
As far as we know the Speed Key was first discovered. Now it is heavily guarded by the Decepticons and Optimus Prime is faced with a challenge. He needs to move fast and brake the defense Decepticons have in place. With each level different goals lay in front of him. Help him get through all trials and come out victorious. The very existence of Primus and our last defense against Unicron lays in your hands. Optimus, as one of the few Primes has the honor to try and save us all. The one important thing to have in mind is this, once Optimus starts running and picks up speed he will automatically transform into the truck we all well know. If you manage to maintain the speed he will remain in that form and your chances for getting to your destination are that much bigger. Now, roll out and give them hell on wheels!

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